The Revival of Coryeo Buddhist Paintings


The Proxy Place Gallery located in Chartsworth, CA proudly presents a collection of Coryeo Buddhist Paintings. Currently, there are known to be approximately 160 Coryeo Buddhist paintings around the world, and the majority of extant examples are preserved in Japan. Relatively few are found in Western collections. As such, it is quite difficult for the public to enjoy these most exquisite religious paintings.

Due to the difficulties of borrowing the 700-year-old originals, the paintings are shown as replicas and photo prints. The exhibition is an extraordinary endeavor to have fine replicas of the Coryeo Buddhist paintings introduced to the Los Angeles community. The exhibition is a truly rare event that seeks to offer a comprehensive understanding of this special genre of art.

The replicas are painted by Cho, Soonok, a member of the Buddhist Painting Conservation Center in Seoul, Korea. The photo prints are made from images in the collection of the Samsung Leeum Museum.

Coryeo Buddhist paintings are religious art pieces that express the prevailing culture of the Coryeo era, and are treasured for their graceful shapes, vivid colors, and strong lines. Coryeo Buddhist paintings are also widely acclaimed as some of the most exquisite creations of religious art. With their elegant and graceful forms, sumptuous primary colors, luminous gold pigment, and delicately flowing yet powerful lines, Coryeo Buddhist paintings represent an artistic world unparalleled in East Asia. They possess an aesthetic that reveals the refined artistic tastes of the Coryeo people. Expressing the heightened spirituality of Coryeo Buddhism and the mindset of the people, these paintings are the quintessence of Coryeo culture. Importantly, the Buddhist paintings offer visitors precious insight into the trends of Buddhist paintings in East Asia during this period.

We sincerely hope that this special exhibition will serve as a great opportunity to help people understand and appreciate the sublime spiritual world and teachings of Buddhism as cherished by the ancestors of modern Koreans. Visitors will surely be able to feel the unique artistic sensibility of the Korean people of the Coryeo period through the graceful shapes, the gorgeous combination of prime colors, and the use of powdered gold and powerful but natural lines.

Proxy Place Gallery 19860 Plummer St. Chatsworth, 91311

Exhibition Dates: June 8 – June 29

Opening Reception: June 13 ( 5 p.m.-7 p.m.)

Hours : Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12 p.m.-4 p.m. Saturday : appointments only


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