Current  Exhibition 

Ho-young Lee

Solo Show 2019

February 1-13,2019

The Old Garden -Blue Waiting

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The Old Garden- Blue Waiting 1703051

- Acrylic on canvas

- 27.3 × 22 cm

- 2017.11

Ho-young, Lee


The Old Garden - Blue Waiting

The body exists within the world and it lives in city or nature. The body superficially meet the scenery of city and the nature that the body can actually touch. Thus, the body meets on the surface of city and nature. The time of the encounter is the surface of present time where the current time formed above long history and future time with infinite branches meet each other. In the time, there are life scenes created by thousands of people and the shadow of civilization disappearing from people’s lives. People continue their life by stepping on the passing death. The new scenery of the city newly blossoms above the death of past rusty civilization. The completely different beings meet each other in space at the same time. Thus, an object cannot be examined in one perspective and the object exists through various perspectives.


The world where the body exists is the multipolar world where many incidents happen at the same time. Just like the multiple perspectives of one object, a world subjugates the body with millions of different incidents. The time keeps flowing regardless of one’s will and the history repeats itself in the undesirable direction. Therefore, the city is a garden created by crossing of multiple roads. The body of ‘myself’ exists in jungle-like city. Also, my garden is the part of the city and the world of the body at the same time. The world and the garden are on the time river of the old garden. Consequently, the beings existing in the world are in the old garden.


In the old garden, the death and birth happen at the same time and beings pass away or new beings approach at the same time. The present of blooming flowers is the outcome of enduring the past winter times the present of falling flowers are the death for the future fruit. In the old garden, the body has dreams and wishes. The body also waits longing for something. The blue waiting expressed through the present hope and dream. And the present hope and dream are expressed on the screen with holding something that is invisible.