Current  Exhibition 

Scene of Musings

Man Soo Lee

Opening Reception:

January 19, Sat 3:00-5:00pm


Regular Showing

 Showing through:

January 16*-25,2019

Man Soo Lee Postcard.jpg

Happy Day 1735,181X227cm. White clay, Dry Pigment on Canvas, 2017

Scene of  Musings


- When wind comes, objects and memories start to float and move around.


- There is always something that is pushed away from center - and this allows something else to surface.


- No needs to distinguish thoughts that are pushed away and thoughts that are risingsimply, those thoughts acknowledge each other’s existence and continue to rotate and alter.


- Flower blooms and proud flesh comes out of wound. Sound of laughter and cry coming from here travels across yard and rises and falls alongside of valley.


- Life of human being and its surrounding objects continues to come and go, which is also followed by shadow of desire.


- These cycle becomes the emotional source of depression, shade, peace, and balance in one’s reality. Furthermore, it forms as rhythmic folds.


- My brush stroke signifies this thought process- comforting thoughts about a little brighter side when standing in depressed and dark space.