06/06/2015 - 06/19/2015

Byungchul Ahn


June 6 -19, 2015


  Seeds denote the beginning and the end of life, synonymous to the endless circulation and harmony of nature that as one dies another life arises. It is promise of hope which conquered pain through the seemed endless waiting in silence, as a seed falls off into the ground, it dries up and meanders relentlessy in the flowing wind as if bound to die eternally until the enigma of nature works its way, and surprises you to see a new beginning, a new life transformed with the bright green leaves emerging from the surface of the earth.

The Revival of Coryeo Buddhist Paintings

June 6 -19, 2015


  The Proxy Place Gallery located in Chartsworth, CA proudly presents a collection of Coryeo Buddhist Paintings.  Currently, there are known to be approximately 160 Coryeo Buddhist paintings around the world, and the majority of extant examples are preserved in Japan.  Relatively few are found in Western collections.  As such, it is quite difficult for the public to enjoy these most exquisite religious paintings.

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